Green University Welcomes Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry Delegation

  • 26.04.2024
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A high-level delegation from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation recently visited the Central Asian University of Environment and Climate Change (Green University) in the capital city.

During their time on campus, the Russian delegates met with Green University leadership and faculty to learn about the university's current activities, research initiatives, and future development plans focused on environmental protection and sustainable development across Central Asia.

The visit provided an opportunity for both sides to explore potential areas for partnership and knowledge sharing between Green University and Russian environmental agencies and institutions. Discussions covered a range of topics including climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, water resource management, and renewable energy solutions.

In keeping with Green University's traditions, the visiting delegation took part in a tree planting ceremony held on campus grounds. The event symbolizes the university's commitment to promoting sustainable, green development through both its academic programs and community engagement activities.

"Participating in this tree planting was a meaningful experience and a beautiful representation of the environmental values we share with Green University," said Russian delegate. "We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate."

Both institutions expressed optimism about the visit paving the way for new cooperative agreements and joint projects in areas of mutual interest. Potential next steps include faculty/student exchanges, sharing of research data and analytical methods, and developing green technology solutions together.

The meetings reinforce Green University's focus on building strong international partnerships to foster knowledge sharing, policy coordination, and innovative solutions to address environmental issues facing Central Asia and the broader global community.