About University

Central Asian University of environmental studies and climate change - Green University was established under the Presidential Decree signed on May 31, 2023; PD No. 174 “On measures to organize Central Asian University of Environmental Studies and Climate Change (Green University)". 

Goals of the university:  

• training, retraining and upgrading of highly qualified specialists, scientists, researchers, managers and entrepreneurs capable of solving important environmental, socio-economic and scientific-technical problems of Uzbekistan and the Central Asian region;
• implementation of knowledge and interdisciplinary research to support national, regional and international innovative systems in the field of ecology, environmental protection, nature management and sustainability;
• development, adaptation and implementation of advanced educational programs, innovative pedagogical methods and technologies used by the world's leading "green" universities;
• integration of research and practical knowledge, establishment of cluster-based activities, exchange of academic and professional experience;

• creating an effective platform that serves as a link in uniting foreign, state and non-state higher education institutions, as well as scientific centers of Uzbekistan, the region and the world;
create the most effective system of management of scientific and educational processes, attract foreign experts, develop scientific research and to establish strategic collaborations with "green" universities of the world, which occupy leading positions in international rankings;
• achieving recognition of the university in the international educational arena, taking a worthy place in the rankings of prestigious higher education institutions;
• creation of a continuous education system for training, retraining and upgrading of specialists in the field of ecology, environmental protection, forestry and hydrometeorology, as well as special educational programs for management staff;
• coordinating activities of educational institutions, research institutes, which are part of the university, strengthening their material and technical base and the potential of scientific personnel.