Green University Contributes to National Forum on Higher Education Priorities

  • 26.04.2024
  • 108

The Manager of Academic Cooperation at Green University recently took part in the 1st Republican Forum on "Priority Tasks of the Development of Higher Education" held at Bukhara State University.

The two-day forum gathered representatives from universities across Uzbekistan to discuss strategies for enhancing the quality and management of the country's higher education system in the digital age. Attendees exchanged insights and best practices around key issues such as digitizing educational processes, implementing institutional self-governance models, and developing mechanisms to ensure consistent quality in teaching and learning.

Presentations and panel discussions spanned a wide range of topics critical to the future of Uzbek higher education, including organizing digital educational resources, provisioning e-learning platforms, integrating foreign research literature, and developing new projects to train the next generation of leaders and scholars.

Green University's participation in this important national forum aligns with the institution's mission to continuously enhance academic excellence across its environmental studies and sustainable development programs. The connections made at the event are expected to facilitate future inter-university collaboration.

In addition, Green University staff delivered a presentation at the International Scientific-Practical Conference on the "Prospects and Regional Characteristics of Effective Use of the Potential of the 'Green Economy' Development in Uzbekistan." This forum explored policies, initiatives and best practices for transitioning to an environmentally sustainable economic model nationwide.

As a relatively new university, Green University aims to be a model for harnessing cutting-edge technology, global best practices, and quality management principles to provide a world-class educational experience. The insights gained at forums like this will help achieve that vision.