Exploring Advanced Trends in Sustainable Development Research: Insights from Dr. Raufkhon Salahodjaev

  • 16.03.2024
  • 80

Green University in a collaboration with Independent analytical company “Ergo analytic” organized joint conference on the following topic “Advanced trends in research activities on sustainable development in the world scientific literature”. 
Key speaker: Dr. Raufkhon Salahodjaev. 

Dr. Raufkhon Salahodjaev introduced to Green University’s Master degree students latest trends in research activities on environmental sustainable development in the world scientific literature.

Dr. Salahodjaev started his lecture by discussing on why doing research is important and what does research articles publication give to scientist. Furthermore, he explained the most important issue nowadays in an academician world, which is in particularly how to distinguish between predatory journals and choosing research papers published in high quality journals. Furthermore, he listed number of accepted by scientific world research platforms which are Sciencedirect, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and so on.

Dr. Salahodjaev pointed out what type of steps and procedures must researcher pass and take into his consideration to achieve publication in a top high quality journals from environmental sustainable development field.

The conference wrapped up with Questions and Answers session.

We are thankful to Dr. Salahodjaev for hosting this event and to all the attendees who made it such a memorable experience.