Green University's "Green Genius" Team Shines at "Eco zakovat" Competition

  • 13.04.2024
  • 293

In celebration of "Ecological Knowledge Day," the Ministry of Ecology organized the inaugural "Eco zakovat" event on their initiative. This environmentally-themed intellectual competition saw the participation of more than 10 university teams from across Tashkent.

Representing our esteemed Green University was the "Green Genius" team, a group of dedicated students determined to showcase their ecological expertise. The debate unfolded over two challenging stages, featuring thought-provoking questions spanning ecology, biology, chemistry, physics, and history.

The "Green Genius" team from Green University actively engaged in the intellectual discourse, demonstrating their extensive knowledge and quick thinking skills. Their impressive performance earned them a well-deserved special gift and certificate of recognition.

Green University takes immense pride in the accomplishments of the "Green Genius" team and looks forward to their continued contributions to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.