ADB Delegation Visits Green University

  • 04.04.2024
  • 289

Green University team and the Advisor to the Minister of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) led by Mr. Yingming Yang, Vice President of ADB, on April 4, 2024. The delegation also included the ADB's regional director and officers.

The visit began with a campus tour, during which the ADB delegation was introduced to the university and its various activities through the Rector's presentation about the university. This was followed by a speech by Vice President Yang, who spoke about current economic trends and the transition towards green and sustainable practices.

A highlight of the visit was a Q&A session where Green University students had the opportunity to interact directly with the ADB delegation members and ask questions.

As per tradition during important visits, the event concluded with a tree planting ceremony on campus grounds. Vice President Yang himself planted a tree, symbolizing ADB's commitment to environmental sustainability and Green University's focus on eco-friendly initiatives.

The visit allowed for meaningful exchanges between the multilateral development bank and the academic institute. It strengthened ties and opened avenues for potential future collaborations in areas of shared interest such as sustainable development and economic progress.

Green University extends its gratitude to the Asian Development Bank delegation for their time and presence on campus. Such interactions play a vital role in inspiring students and promoting dialogue on pressing global issues.