Central Asian Green University

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Mirziyoyev Sh.M.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


"We endorse the collaborative establishment of scientific research programs leveraging the Central Asian University of environment and climate change studies.


Abdukhakimov A.A

The Minister of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change


"I am pleased to be able to introduce to you the Central Asian University of Environmental Protection and Climate Change Studies. This institution is the culmination of joint regional efforts and is a significant opportunity to address global environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development in the region. It is the first university to be founded in Central Asia which focuses solely on environmental challenges and demonstrates our commitment to overcoming these issues. I look forward to seeing this university nurture the next generation of young professionals and seasoned experts, so that we might all move towards a greener future for Central Asia. It is no easy task but one that is vital and presents an exciting opportunity for yourselves and your societies."


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